Located near the capital of Texas, Catahoula Technologies was founded in May 2014 by Jon B. Stanley as the commercial arm of Electronixandmore.com with the ultimate goal of providing a variety of interesting and unique electronic kits for hobbyists, educators, and tinkerers alike. Electronixandmore.com originally started in 2002 as Jon's personal website showcasing his collection of vintage electronics and over time the website evolved to include a growing section of documentation on unique hobbyist electronic projects that have provided enjoyment for thousands of visitors since then.

The most common question asked by website visitors was if a PCB was available for purchase for various electronic projects documented on Electronixandmore.com. Many of the projects were originally prototyped and hand-wired on the fly in addition to recycling components from old discarded electronics. Providing PCBs and kits was a new challenge and required a shift in the process of documenting and presenting new hobby electronic projects. PCBs require components to be readily acquired and footprints to be standardized. This requires researching various suppliers, component costs, availability, and ubiqiuity to provide the most value to you as the customer and kit builder. Catahoula Technologies was founded to immediately respond to demand for PCBs of the most popular hobby projects that are documented on Electronixandmore.com. If you are interested in a PCB or a kit of a project documented on Electronixandmore.com that is not currently available then we would love to hear from you.